Christian Devotional – July 31, 2022

Teaching and Training, Day 19

Influence and family legacy. It matters how we live our lives and the example we set. Read 2 Timothy 1:1-5.

As Paul is starting this letter, some time has passed and Timothy has gone through several difficulties. Now, Paul is writing this letter not only to teach and to train Timothy, but also to encourage him. No matter what role we have as we are moving forward, we all need encouragement from time to time. Timothy is discouraged so Paul reminds Timothy that he is part of a legacy of faith that began with his grandmother.

When we think about what we do today, will it have lasting impact and implications for others in our family years to come? Recognizing the importance of our legacy as a believer in Christ is critically important. Our families will only remember certain things about us after we are gone. Will it be our faith in Jesus Christ. What is the legacy that we are setting for generations to come?

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