Christian Devotional – June 11, 2015

Read Psalm chapter 142


Psalm 142:3–When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who watch over my way. In the path where I walk people have hidden a snare for me.


Are we tired and weary? The psalmist was tired, too. The psalmist understood that even when we are at the very end of ourselves, God is still there waiting and watching over our way. God knows we have our limits; He created us, after all. God knows we are going to encounter things that are too big, too daunting, too overwhelming for us and because of that He knows that He must be the One to watch over us and the path that we are on. Will we trust Him to keep watch for us?


Father, my path is always littered with traps and ways people are trying to trip me up. I grow tired and weary walking this path sometimes, but I know that You are watching over my way and if I will simply trust You, You will guide me in the correct path that I need.

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