Christian Devotional – June 2, 2013


Acts 1:14–They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and with his brothers.


These early followers of Jesus understood the importance of prayer and praying together. Being able to be constantly together in prayer allowed God to mold and shape their hearts to be obedient to His will. They were able to share each others burdens and to love one another. Do we take the time to join in prayer with other believers? Or, are we trying to live the Christian life by ourselves? God designed us to need each other and we must come together to pray and encourage each other just as the early church did.


Father, sometimes I’m tempted to think my Christian journey is just about me. However, You intended that I join with other believers and share the burdens together. I will seek out brothers an sisters in Christ who can share with me so we can be stronger together and obedient to You.


Today is Sunday so head over to the Sisters in Cahoots blog for the Sunday Devotional as we continue going through the Miracles of Jesus.

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