Christian Devotional – June 2, 2017

Jonah finally turns to God. After all his running and disobedience, we’re finally told that Jonah prays. In Jonah 1:17-2:7 we see a man who finally realized that every plan he made was thwarted by God. Even his desperate suicide attempt was foiled by a passing great fish who swallowed him. What was Jonah to do? He finally called to the Lord. It’s so interesting to me that Jonah indicates that God caused his situation and God is also the only one who can deliver him.

Do we see that in our own life? When we have been disobedient, God will put up barriers and obstacles to get our attention. God is seeking to bring us back to Him. Jonah recognized that God had gotten him to a place that only God could get him out of. When we find ourselves in a situation where only God can get us out of, our response should be praise of the One who is more powerful than any of our situations. Like Jonah, we can praise Him for turning us back to Him. Do we praise God for His interventions in our life to get us back on track? Do we praise God for the way out of the situations in our life?