Christian Devotional – June 27, 2016

Reach Nahum chapter 3


Nahum 3:19–Nothing can heal you; your wound is fatal. All who hear the news about you clap their hands at your fall, for who has not felt your endless cruelty.


This verse ends the book of Nahum and ends the prophecy that Nahum had regarding the city of Ninevah. Unlike several other books of prophecy regarding judgment of the children of Israel when there is some hope left at the end. This book finishes with the complete, total, lasting destruction of the evil city that rejected God. The people had not repented and didn’t seek to follow God. As a result, their destruction was complete. Will we choose to follow God or will we meet with the same complete and total destructive end as the people of Ninevah? Only God can heal and that’s only if we seek Him and ask Him to.


Father, I needed Your healing touch and I need it still. I know that Your mercy is great, just as Your anger against sin is great. Thank You for being Holy and thank You for creating a way for me to be able to still come into Your presence through Your Son Jesus Christ.