Christian Devotional – June 8, 2024

Psalm and Praise, Day 146

Our help and our hope. Read Psalm chapter 146.

If we’ve been in church or around church much, we’ve heard that God is our help and our hope. But when we think about it in terms of our day to day life, what does that actually mean. How is God being our help impacting what we’re doing today?

We think about all of the help that we have and so much of the time we try to help ourselves. Or we try to not need help, or feel that if we do, there’s something wrong with us. God is the one who actually is our help and we need to come to him. God is also our hope. In him, we actually have a reason to get up every morning and because of him, we actually have purpose.

Are we relying on God to be our help and our hope today or are we trying to make it through ourselves? How can we change what we do to reflect this more today?

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