Christian Devotional – June 7, 2024

Psalm and Praise, Day 145

Upholds and lifts. Read Psalm chapter 145.

You know, looking at this verse it’s two different concepts. The idea of someone falling is usually accidental or a mistake, and God’s word says that he upholds those who had a mistake. He will be the steadying force or the foundational rock that anyone who is struggling with mistakes can lean on.

This verse also says that he lifts up those who are bowing down. Bowing down is a conscious and intentional act. This is an act of reverence and respect to God. God says that he will lift up those who are intentionally bowing down to him. When we think about our response to God, he is there for us no matter what the circumstances are. His response to us will match what we need most in that moment. Are we reaching out and bowing down to him today?

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