Christian Devotional – March 12, 2023

Principles of Leadership, Day 15

How do we lead? Read Psalm 78:72.

This is a single verse at the end of a pslam about the life of David. When we look back at the life of David we know that he made many mistakes and he struggled with multiple areas throughout his life, but still, the psalmist tells us that he led through two main areas: integrity and skill.

When we look to lead, we must have integrity. We have to be the person whose yes is yes and no is no. Our walk needs to match our talk. And when it doesn’t, we have to be open and humble to admit our faults and seek forgiveness.

Second is skill. We need to understand the bigger picture of where we are leading people to and have the skill to navigate the team to the goals. David demonstrated both. How are we leading others today?

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