Christian Devotional – March 20, 2023

Principles of Leadership, Day 23

Who do you spend your time and energy on? Read Proverbs 23:9.

Part of our responsibility as leaders is to grow and develop the team that we have. We are to focus on helping them to become the very best that they can be.

So who do we spend the majority of our time with? Are we spending our time with those who are under performing, trying to help bring them up to an acceptable level of performance? Or are we focusing our time on those who are our top performers first so that they can grow even farther? Often, we find that we are spending the bulk of our time on the underperformers, those folks who are constantly not living up to the level of expectations we have for them. Certainly we need to make sure that we have provided them all the resources they need to be successful. However, when it comes to development, our energy should be spent on growing those people who have already demonstrated success and are our top performers. They need the additional encouragement and challenge that we can provide.

Are we taking the time to use our words of wisdom to guide and direct them, or are we spending all of our words of wisdom on those individuals who do not really seem to care as much about growing? For development purposes, we need to shift our focus to those top performing individuals. How can we help continue their growth so that they are exceeding our expectations.