Christian Devotional – March 21, 2023

Principles of Leadership, Day 24

Delegation. Read Exodus 18:21.

This entire story is fascinating. Moses has been leading the people, but he was feeling overworked and not able to focus on all of the goals that he need to. So he learned the valuable lesson of the importance of delegation.

When you’re looking at delegating to individuals, this verse also speaks about the importance of diversity, capability, and fit. Moses was to choose people that came from all of the people. It wasn’t supposed to be just from one area or one type of individual. Moses needed diversity amongst those he chose. Additionally, there were criteria set for what made a good person to lead. Finally, people were given responsibilities based upon their capabilities. Some received more responsibility and some less.

When we take a look at delegation, we must consider all of these principles. Delegation is critical as a leader, and how we delegate is just as critical. God knew that there was more to do than Moses was going to be able to do alone. God also knows that he has more for us to do than what we can do alone. How are we delegating and are we following these principles?