Christian Devotional – May 11, 2017

Philippians 3:12-14 explains Paul’s goal. He is completely and totally sold out to seeking Christ. He talks about forgetting what is behind and moving toward what is ahead. As we go through our day today Christian walk, do we forget what is behind us? Many times we don’t forget, we try to push to the side. We push to the side the ideas of success and money and power and all those things that we used to define ourselves in this world. But, we don’t completely forget about them. Every so often then they come up and we go back to them and cling to them instead of recognizing that our goal is ahead of us. Our goal is Jesus Christ and being made in his likeness. What are we pressing on toward? What have we left behind? These are the questions that will Define our day-to-day Walk With Jesus Christ.

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