Christian Devotional – May 12, 2021

The Prophet of Restoration, Day 2

The Lord is coming!! Read Zechariah 2.

As God continues to prophesy through Zachariah, we see the joy and the excitement in knowing that the Lord is coming and that the Lord is going to restore his people. The greatest joy for every follower of Jesus Christ is knowing and living in the presence of God. Recognizing how God works and moves in our lives and how we can be with him all the time, this prophecy must have brought such joy to the people as they realized that God was coming and was going to be with them.

God is with us now! Through Jesus Christ, we can experience God with us by his presence and through the Holy Spirit every single moment of every single day. We can always be with God. Do we experience the joy that brings? God is with us. Are we experiencing joy in him?