Christian Devotional – May 3, 2017

As we went through Philippines 2:5-11, we get a glimpse into who Jesus Christ truly is. The enormity of the sacrifice that he made coming to Earth to live amongst us becomes very apparent when we see him full of Glory, high and lifted up, exalted above all others. Jesus Christ has the name that is above every other name and yet he chose to humble himself, come to Earth, and be the sacrifice to restore the relationship between us and God.

The very first verse, verse 5, tells us that we are to have the same mindset as Jesus. If that’s the case, then no matter our position, we are to be willing to do whatever we can to bring people to a right relationship with God. Are we seeking to find those people who need Jesus Christ? If we are to be like Christ, that is to be our only goal and Mission outside of glorifying God.