Christian Devotional – May 5, 2017

When reading the next section, Philippians 2:12-18, verse 14 always stands out to me. Do everything without complaining or arguing. That verse by itself flies in the face of everything that we do in our culture today. We complain about things not being fast enough. We complain about how were treated. We complain about things we don’t have. We complain about relationships. We complain about the weather. We complain about anything and everything we can think of. Yet this is not how God desires for us to spend our time. Everything we do should be done in a spirit and an attitude of Thanksgiving recognizing that the sacrifices that we make, the hard times we go through, are there for a purpose and that if we are following and obeying Christ, he will be glorified through them so there’s no reason to complain about them in the first place. What does our attitude look like today? Do we go through life finding fault and everything and everyone will we come into contact with? Can we live out this verse today? Can we commit to living out this verse for the next 5 minutes? That’s where this starts.

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