Christian Devotional – May 9, 2022

The Next Steps, Day 22

God’s timing. As we look back at the life of Paul, we see him explaining in more detail exactly what happened in the days and months after his conversion to Christ. Read Acts 22.

Paul was passionate about Jesus Christ, even from the very beginning. However, God knew that wasn’t the right timing. Paul started out trying to preach immediately, but because of his past, people didn’t accept his message and were not interested in listening to him. As a result, God had him leave for a time. If we remember, we studied about how Barnabas went to go find Paul and bring him back.

During that time, Paul was studying and learning more about Jesus and understanding him better. There is a right timing to everything. We may know what God has for us and what he is planning for us, but we may not understand the timing. Paul didn’t. God had to help him wait until it was the right time for him to be preaching in Jerusalem. Paul still had the opportunity to preach in Jerusalem, it just wasn’t when he expected to be doing it.

Are we willing to wait on the Lord and on his timing? Even when we don’t understand it?