Christian Devotional – November 11, 2022

The Weeping Prophet, Day 38

Too afraid to obey. Read Jeremiah chapter 38.

The time is getting close and the county is about to be taken over. The king reaches out to Jeremiah about what to do. Jeremiah tells him the word of the Lord. But the king frankly admits that he is too afraid to obey. He fears the people and is afraid of what they might do to him.

How often does fear keep us from obeying God? Do we know what we are supposed to do, but worry about other people? The king had that fear and it was keeping him from being obedient to God. When God has spoken with us and showed us the way that we are supposed to be going, will we obey?

When we know that obedience isn’t what others would expect or want us to do, it can be really difficult to actually obey. But, we have to decide if we are going to follow God or others. We cannot allow our fears of others to keep us from being obedient to God. God will take care of us and everything that we are doing, as long as we are being obedient to him.