Christian Devotional – November 12, 2018

God works behind the scenes. Sometimes we tend to think that we should know everything that God is doing, but his plan is so far reaching and vast that we can’t see exactly what God is doing. It all comes together for Joseph in Genesis 41:1-13 and Joseph doesn’t even know it.

Then the chief cupbearer spoke to Pharaoh, saying, “I would make mention today of my own offenses.
Genesis 41:9 NASB

Pharaoh had a dream. He called all his magicians and wise men to help tell him what the dream meant, but nothing worked. Then, the very last person that Pharaoh would have expected ended up having words of advice for Pharaoh: the cup bearer. Pharaoh’s faithful cup bearer finally speaks up and tells Pharaoh about his experience in jail 2 years ago meeting this amazing man who interpreted his dream.

But remember, the cup bearer would have never met Joseph if Joseph had not been thrown into jail. Joseph would have never been thrown into jail in Egypt if he had not first been sold into slavery by his brothers. Joseph would have never been sold into slavery if he had not interpreted and told his brother the dreams that God had given him. Everything that had happened in Joseph’s life had led him to be exactly where he needed to be at exactly the right moment to impact exactly the right lives so that they could share when they needed to and God could get his message to Pharaoh, king of Egypt.

What an incredible master plan! God knew exactly what he was doing and there was purpose through it all. Joseph continued to trust in God and to be faithful to him even though he didn’t understand why God had him where he had him. Even now, in these scriptures, Joseph has no idea what has just happened, but God uses it to change not only joseph’s life, but the entire nation of Egypt and the people of Israel.

Are we willing to wait on God and trust that he has exactly the right plan for us and he is moving situations around even when we don’t know anything about it to bring us to exactly the right place at exactly the right time so that we can fulfill the purpose that he has for us? It’s never easy. But, we can trust that God has exactly the right plan in place to move at exactly the right time.

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