Christian Devotional – November 11, 2018

How long do you expect to wait on God? A day, a week? We have such short timelines and expectations of when we think God should act. What was a timeframe for Joseph? See Genesis 41:1

Now it happened at the end of two full years that Pharaoh had a dream, and behold, he was standing by the Nile.
Genesis 41:1 NASB

Joseph had gotten his hopes up that the cupbearer would plead his case to Pharaoh. He was probably thinking every morning, “Today might be the day that the cupbearer’s story will result in me getting out of here.” Nothing. A week, a month, several months go by and nothing. Talk about disappointment!

Two years. Two years go by before we see something else happen that will impact Joseph’s life. All the while he’s in prison waiting and wondering what happened.

The waiting place is a difficult place to be in. Are you waiting for God to move in a specific area and situation? Are you desperately wanting to see Him move, knowing that He can move, but not understanding the timing. Joseph has been there, and survived it. He knows that God is still as faithful whether you’ve been waiting 2 minutes or two years.

Are we focused on God’s faithfulness, even in the midst of the waiting? God has not forgotten us.

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