Christian Devotional – November 13, 2023

Love and Relationships, Day 9

Is love blind? Read Song of Songs 4:1-7.

As the man begins to speak in this chapter, he shares all of the attributes of his beloved. He sees her as truly and completely beautiful. When we talk about the idea of love being blind, sometimes that is seen as a negative. However, love should be something where each person is truly attractive to each other.

Love should be part of the filter in which we view the individual. We should never be blind about love to the point where we do not recognize the opportunities and challenges that the other person faces, but we should see those as things that we can tackle together and ways in which we can grow together.

Love is not blind, but love chooses how to view the other person. How are we viewing the other person in our life? Are we seeing them the way that God sees them with all of the value and beauty that he gave them?