Christian Devotional – November 15, 2016

Read Job chapter 8


Job 8:3–Does God pervert justice? Does the Almighty pervert what is right?


For anyone who has experienced difficulties and hardships, this is a very valid question? Job’s friend Bildad starts his speech to Job with this question and while the rest of this speech isn’t very helpful in Job’s situation, these questions are right in the very mind of every single person who has gone through tough times for any reason. When we look at the character of who God is, we will see that He is Justice and He is Right. He cannot possibly pervert those things since He is the very definition of them. When we think about our situations and God’s perfect justice, we must realize that God knows more than we do and God allows things for reasons we may never know. However, through everything, we can trust God to be just and right, for that is who He is.


Father, You and just and You are right and even when I don’t see it, You are the One who is in control of everything. I have no idea why You do what You do many times, but I will never stop trusting You to make the decisions that I can’t make and do the things that I can’t do to bring glory to Yourself. You are most worthy of it!