Christian Devotional – November 20, 2018

Have a plan. Work the plan.  As Joseph was telling Pharaoh all about the plan that he had for helping the people get through the upcoming years of famine, then Pharaoh put him in charge. So what does Joseph do? Joseph executes the plan the he had been given by God.

Thus Joseph stored up grain in great abundance like the sand of the sea, until he stopped measuring it, for it was beyond measure.
Genesis 41:49 NASB

These certainly were years of great abundance. Joseph stored grain in every city and the grain is described as being so great an abundance that they stopped measuring it because it was like the sand of the sea.

I love that comparison, for the other thing in the Bible that is indicated as being like the sand of the sea is the children of Abraham. Right now, several years have passed since God made this promise to Abraham. There are certainly more children of Abraham now then there were, but they are still very much measurable.

God made the grain abundant to be able to meet the needs of the people and it is a beautiful reminder of how God has taken the sons of Abraham and is making them without number. Those people who believe in God and to have professed faith in Jesus Christ truly cannot be measured and numbered in this day and time. And these are the people that have the hope of salvation that the rest of the world needs if they will only come and ask. Just like Joseph with the grain in Egypt.

Are we sharing the news of salvation with everyone around this so that they too may be saved? Are we part of the legacy of Abraham that is as plentiful as the sands of the sea?

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