Christian Devotional – November 27, 2012

Acts 11:17–“Therefore if God gave to them the same gift as He gave to us also after believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, who am I that I could stand in God’s way?”

Peter had gone and done something radical; He shared the message of Jesus Christ with someone who wasn’t a Jew. Afterward, people were questioning and critical of that decision. Peter’s response is a good reminder that we are to simply be obedient to God, not assume that we set God’s agenda for Him. We are part of God’s plan, not the director of God’s plan. Do we spend more time obeying or questioning God’s plan for us?

Father, Your plan is the only one that matters. I may not understand it all the time, but I will obey it knowing that You will accomplish Your purpose through whatever means. I never want to be found standing in the way of Your plan.

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