Christian Devotional – November 4, 2013


Nehemiah 2:1b–I had not been sad in his presence before.


Nehemiah had a job; he was cupbearer to the king. He had probably been doing that job for many years and yet he makes this amazing statement as he carries the king’s wine to him. When we are in the presence of others, is our mood swayed by each and every little passing thing, or are we generally in a positive mood unless we are burdened by God about something, like Nehemiah was? Our attitude is such a powerful testimony as to our faith and trust in God. Do others see that in us?


Lord, protect my attitude. Do not allow me to be up and down based on the trivial or inconsequential things of this world. I want to be burdened for the things You are burdened for, but to display my faith in You throughout.

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