Christian Devotional – October 1, 2013


Exodus 21:23–But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life.


In the verses prior to this one, the Lord is telling them the consequences for striking a pregnant woman in such a way that either the woman or the baby have serious injury. The Lord values life, including the life of the one who has not yet been born. Do we consider the life of an unborn child as the same importance as the life of any other person? The phrase life for life implies that that the unborn child is on par with the life of the person who caused the injury. Do we value life of all kinds everywhere as much as God does?


Father, You place the life of a child who has not been born on the same level as the life of a person who has been born, that is the only way You can compare a life for a life. Give me a chance to share Your love for all life with everyone.

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