Christian Devotional – October 16, 2021

Days of Wisdom, Day 16

Integrity and ethics. Read Proverbs 16.

So many great verses to choose from as we read through this passage, but the one that caught my eye today was verse 8. When we think about what it means to have integrity, we realize that we may not always have all of the same possessions or material wealth that others have. However, if we maintain our integrity, that means that we can live with ourselves, no matter what possessions we have or don’t have.

Being ethical in the way in which we live our life and make decisions is an example of using God’s wisdom every day. When we look at the decisions we make, do we recognize the opportunity to be ethical and live in integrity? When others look at our lives, do they see us as ethical? Wisdom from God leads us to be ethical and also helps us to understand that living in integrity even if we don’t have lots of possessions, is worth so much more than the material possessions of those who do not have integrity. Walking in God’s wisdom means walking in integrity.

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