Christian Devotional – October 17, 2021

Days of Wisdom, Day 17

Testing and accountability. Read Proverbs 17.

As we continue to read through Proverbs, this verse stands out to me today. Verse 3 is really all about testing and accountability. When we take a look at our lives and the different things that we are doing, do we recognize that those actions and activities are going to ultimately be tested to see whether they stand up under God’s standard?

God has a standard that we are to maintain. God’s standard is perfection. Are our activities falling in line with all that God has for us to do? Will they stand if they go through the furnace and the fire? Silver and gold both are heated to extreme temperatures in order to separate out any impurities. The same is true with our actions. Our actions will be tested by God to determine which are pure and which need to be discarded. How many of our actions will stand God’s testing? What will be left of our life once it has been through God’s testing of accountability?

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