Christian Devotional – October 2, 2019

Judgment. After finishing our 31 days through the book of Proverbs looking at wisdom from the Lord, we’re going to fast forward in Israel’s history a bit to the place where Obadiah explains the judgment of the Lord that is coming upon the country of Edom. Read Obadiah 1:1.

The vision of Obadiah. Thus says the Lord God concerning Edom- We have heard a report from the Lord , And an envoy has been sent among the nations saying, “Arise and let us go against her for battle”-
Obadiah 1:1 NASB

We don’t know much about Obadiah, other than that he was a prophet. What we do see here is the vision that God gave him about the neighboring nation of Edom. Edom was descended from Esau, who was the brother of Jacob the father of the nation of Israel. What we see through this is that Edom, just as God foretold, has fallen away from the Lord and the Lord is going to judge it. An envoy has gone out among the nations. Edom not only has sinned against the Lord, they have sinned against others and now others are going to come and exact judgment. When we fall away from God, we certainly hurt our relationship with God, but we also impact our relationship with others. And, we will find ourselves open to the judgment of others as they come in to exact revenge.

Are we seeking God’s holiness? Are we being wise in how we conduct ourselves just as we learned from all the proverbs of Solomon. If not, we may find ourselves in a similar situation as the Edomites found themselves, facing the judgment of God.

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