Christian Devotional – October 3, 2019

Make you small. Such an interesting phrase to describe how God is going to judge the people of Edom. Read Obadiah 1:2.

“Behold, I will make you small among the nations; You are greatly despised.
Obadiah 1:2 NASB

The first thing that God tells Obadiah is that he is going to make the nation of Edom small. They are thought of so badly by the nations around them, that he is going to make them look like what other people perceive them to be. When we face the judgment of God, often he starts why allowing us to see ourselves the way he sees us.

God knew that the nation of Edom was so small in comparison to God’s own holiness and power, yet the nation thought they were a big deal and huge and powerful. When we allow God to show us what we look like in His eyes, we see an entirely different picture than what we would normally see. Are we willing to look at ourselves and see ourselves the way God sees us, or are we busy looking at ourselves through our own eyes and our own perspective?

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