Christian Devotional – October 30, 2017

In Genesis 21, we see an amazing peace treaty. Abraham and Abimelech agreed to have peace when Abraham gave 7 lambs to Abimelech in exchange for the right to claim a well as his property. This was a great step toward peace in this land in those days. The offer was accepted and they had peace.

This is the site that tradition holds is the well that Abraham dug. God sent Jesus to be the sacrificial lamb for us. With our sin, we are at war with God. Through Jesus Christ we have a way to be made right and at peace with God. The question becomes whether we will agree to allow Christ to be Lord of our lives in exchange for the sacrifice of our Son? It’s not enough to know about God or to believe that Jesus Christ was a good man. To receive God’s gift of peace, we must allow Christ to be the Lord of our life and to be first in everything. It becomes about His will for us, not our will for ourselves. Will we accept His peace offering today?

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