Christian Devotional – October 7, 2013


Exodus 27:20–Command the Israelites to bring you clean oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning.


Everyone was able to participate in some way with the needs of the temple. While some were gifted to help with the weaving or the craftsmanship of building the temple, there were still plenty of other jobs that people could be involved in as well. These other jobs were of vital importance, too. Are we focused on doing what we can and what God has commanded us to do regardless of what it is or how important it may be perceived by others?


Father, I praise You and love how You have a place and a purpose for everyone. Thank You for helping me to see my role as important and necessary even when the world looks at it as unimportant. You have a place for me and I will be obedient to Your role for me.

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