Christian Devotional – October 9, 2017

Tranquility. This is such a beautiful word that, for me, brings to mind a wonderful picture of peace and beauty. In Proverbs 14:26-35, Solomon gives more pictures of how wisdom impacts us. We see the importance of respect and reverence for God. We understand our need to slow down and reflect on all the things that God provides us. It also mentions tranquillity of mind and heart. As we are resting and peaceful and tranquil of mind, we can see how God is at work and moving in our life. When we are constantly stirred up and seeking for the next best thing, we miss what God has already done.

Do we take the time to rest and reflect on all the amazing wonders that God has allowed us to be part of? God has done phenomenal and beautiful things in our life, and if we will take the time to pause and to reflect on them, we will be able to praise him for all that he has done. Do we have a tranquil mind? Do we display tranquility to those around us? As we see tranquility, we will see God.