Christian Devotional – October 10, 2017

What will you give up to have God’s favor? Looking at Proverbs 15:1-16, we see several verses that deal with the a trade off. Which will we do, love God or love the world? Seek after wisdom or embrace foolishness? We live in a world today that wants to do both. We want to have our cake and eat it too. We want to follow God and have wisdom and blessing, yet we aren’t willing to give up the things of this world. We try to find ways to make God’s commands into more of a both/and instead of an either/or scenario.

Yet God’s word is very clear in these verses. We are either following after God and seeking wisdom, or we are living out the evil desires of the world. We must decide what we are going to sacrifice, for it will be one or the other of these. Will we seek the Lord and His wisdom, or will we feed on foolishness and selfishness?