Christian Devotional – September 1, 2016

Read 2 Kings chapter 13


2 Kings 13:3–So the Lord’s anger burned against Israel, and for a long time he kept them under the power of Hazael king of Aram and Ben-Hadad his son.


We can do things to make God angry. When we are going against Him or being disobedient to Him, we will find that God will become angry with us. We must show God our love for Him. When we don’t God will bring about circumstances where we will be forced to admit His power and glory. God will always be ready and able to display His power. If we will not acknowledge it, then He will bring about circumstances where we will have no other choice than to come to Him. Are we going to turn and follow Him.


Father, I thank You for all that You are doing and showing in my life. I pray that You will help me to see and to move in such a way that You are glorified in everything in my life.