Christian Devotional – September 14, 2022

Prayer in Action, Day 27

Lineage. Read Nehemiah 7:4-73.

As we finish out this chapter, this ends with a long list of names and numbers. It can be interesting to figure out why these might be important and what they mean. What we have found is that many people had not moved back exactly where they were supposed to based on their inheritance. He’s also trying to find those people who should be helping in the temple.

Lineage is important. In this day and time it established relationship. For us, we need to understand the lineage that we have in Jesus Christ. Who shared with us the message of Jesus Christ? Who walked with us as we sought to understand his lordship and his sacrifice? Who have we shared those things with to pass along? Who would look to us as their spiritual parents? What do you think about serving the Lord and following him? We understand that we do not do that alone. We can serve others and we need others to be able to share with. Our lineage in Jesus Christ gives us a family that we can rely on. Do we know our lineage?

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