Christian Devotional – September 16, 2022

Prayer in Action, Day 29

The importance of teaching. Read Nehemiah 8:7-12.

As we continue through this chapter, we see the people being taught the scriptures. The leaders and the Levites were taking this opportunity to remind the people of the law of the Lord and to teach and explain those teachings to the people.

As teachers, we have a profound responsibility to share God’s word, and to do it in a way that other people understand and makes sense. True teachers who have been gifted by God have this ability. They can take the most complex scripture and the most difficult reading and they can not only understand it themselves, but they can explain it to others in a way that makes sense so that others understand also.

When we think about scriptures and our role as leaders and teachers, do people understand scripture better as a result of having of having spent time with us? Do we share God’s truth in a way that makes sense to them? Do we understand God’s truth? The Holy Spirit in the life of a believer is an amazing guide to reveal the truth of scripture. Do we listen to him and seek his guidance? Only through understanding and applying God’s word ourselves will we truly be able to help others do the same.

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