Christian Devotional – September 21, 2014

Read 1 Corinthians chapter 14


1 Corinthians 14:25–as the secrets of their hearts are laid bare. So they will fall down and worship God, exclaiming, “God is really among you!”


This chapter discusses how to have an orderly worship service. Why is Paul so concerned about what happens in an individual worship service? Paul knows the entire service should be focused on praising God and helping others to praise God. This means that believers will be able to worship and praise God and unbelievers will be drawn to worship and praise God. Do our services today focus on this or are they focused on worshiping or praising ourselves or others? Do we focus on what God desires in the service or only on what we individually desire? Worship services are for God because as we praise God and He reveals Himself, people are convicted of sin and drawn to repentance. What are we focused on as we plan and attend church.


Father, all I do is for You and that includes my worship. I will focus on You and praising You so that I may help lead others to praise You as well. I want to see people convicted of sin and moving into a right relationship with You, so I will focus on You.

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