Christian Devotional – September 25, 2022

Prayer in Action, Day 36

The importance of volunteering. Read Nehemiah 11:1-20.

While the city wall had been completed, the city inside wasn’t in good shape. So, it took people being willing to volunteer to live there. It wasn’t a pretty, flashy place to be. In fact, no one really wanted to be there.

But, part of following God’s plan involved building the wall and now the city needed people. The people volunteered to follow God and to live there. The names of those people were recorded to make sure that everyone knew their commitment to God.

Do we follow our commitments to God, even if it’s difficult or inconvenient? How can we stay focused on following Him, even when its tough? Not everything makes sense to us in the moment. We have to put our name on the list of people who are willing to volunteer to do whatever God asks.