Christian Devotional – September 26, 2022

Prayer in Action, Day 37

People person. Read Nehemiah 11:21-36.

As someone who works professionally in the field of human resources, it really stuck out to me to see that the king had, essentially, a human resources person. Pethahiah was the one who helped the king deal with the people.

God has gifted certain people to be able to understand and work with people better than others. We all have a responsibility to get along with and to be the best that we can be, but God just gives some people the ability to relate to others better. So many professions and things that we do everyday are a way that we can glorify God. We may not always think about our work professions as being opportunities to glorify God, but they are. God allows us to have the professions that we have and as a result we are to glorify Him through them. Pathahiah did just that as he helped the king with the people. How do we glorify God in our professional lives?