Christian Devotional – September 30, 2023

The Savior Comes, Day 28

Some still doubted. Read Matthew chapter 28.

As we finish the book of Matthew today, we see Jesus resurrected from the dead and his incredible authority over all things. Even with everything that had happened, there were some who believed and some others that doubted.

That sounds similar to today. Some people believe and some doubt. God calls all people to the opportunity to believe in Him and receive the gift of salvation. But, not everyone will believe.

We’ve been talking about the Savior coming. He came at this point to die and be resurrected. He’s going to come again and we need to be focused on him. Are we ready for the coming Savior? Are we one of those who believes and helps others to know and believe? Or, are we doubting?

Matthew wrote this gospel so we would know Jesus throigh his first coming and be ready to receive him in his second coming. Are we ready?