Devotional – April 28, 2012

1 Kings 20:23–Now the servants of the king Aram said to him, “Their gods are gods of the mountains, therefore they were stronger than we; but rather let us fight against them in the plain, and surely we will be stronger than they.”

In these days, people believed that gods were only regional and since the people of Aram were defeated in the mountains, they planned a rematch in the plains. However, God is not limited by region; He is over all things. Yet often we try to bring God only into certain area of our lives and keep Him regional in our life. God is over all things, do we recognize His power over every area of our life?

Lord, forgive me for sometimes assuming You are only interested in being over certain areas of my life. You are indeed over all things and I will praise You and acknowledge Your Lordship over all in my life.

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