Devotional – February 20, 2012

Job 35:12–“There they cry out, but He does not answer because of the pride of evil men.”

Elihu continues speaking to Job. Unlike Job’s other friends, Elihu accuses Job, not of some past sin, but of a current sin: pride. Elihu believes that because Job is prideful, that is why God is not answering him. Like Job’s other friends, Elihu is wrong. There is nothing to indicate that Job is prideful and later in the book, God never indicates that. The fact of the matter is, sometimes, God simply chooses not to speak or answer our questions. Certainly, other places in the Bible, it indicates that God will not answer if people hide sin in their heart. However, sometimes, God simply chooses not to directly answer the questions He’s asked by us. Will we trust God and rely on Him and remain obedient to Him, even if He is silent?

Father, I love speaking with You and love being able to converse with You about Your plans, but even when You choose not to tell me what is going on, I will trust You and wait on You, and continue being obedient to all that You have given for me to do.

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