Devotional – February 19, 2012

Job 34:12–Surely, God will not act wickedly, and the Almighty will not pervert justice.

We see things happen and we wonder about the justice of the world. We don’t understand why God allows various things to happen. When we see those types of things, this is a truth that we must remember. God is just. God does not do evil. Often God’s timing is not what we would anticipate, or even what we would prefer. But God still is just and does not do evil. We can rest in that truth, even when we don’t understand why He’s allowing what He’s allowing.

Father, while I may not understand why You do what You do, I know who You are. You are love, You are justice, You are compassion. I trust in You through all things, knowing that You will never cease being who You are, despite circumstances.

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