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God sees us. Sometimes I feel very alone and think that the things I am struggling with are things that I am alone for. However, in Proverbs 5:18-23 we several great truths, but one that jumps out at me today. In verse 21 it says that the ways of man are before the Lord and He watches all He does. God sees us and He knows what we are doing. God knows the frustrations that we face every day and He sees the choices that we make. We are not alone. God is right there seeing us and prompting us in the path that we are to go. Are we following Him? Do we remember even in the dsrkest of times, we are never alone?

Are we wasting ourselves? As Solomon continues speaking in Proverbs 5:1-17, he is discussing an issue that has been a temptation for centuries, lust and physical pleasure. As we read these first few verses, we see that lust and physical pleasure are certainly sins to guard against. But more than that, they are sins that weaken a person. He asks why someone would want to give their strength to another. Why would they give the best of themselves to someone who don’t care about them?

It’s an interesting question, because when we are lusting after something else, we are giving the best of our energy and our desire to that something or someone else. Whether we are talking about physical love, affection, and intimacy or how we may be lusting after other things. Are we wasting the best parts of ourselves desiring after something or someone that we should not have. Our strength comes from God Alone. We are to seek after and follow only him, for he is the only one who gives strength, not takes strength away from us.

Do we watch over our heart, or do we follow our heart? In Proverbs 4:14-27 we see continued instruction on how to avoid evil. We must watch and guard our heart, not follow it. Our heart can be easily distracted if we are not guarding it. We are to discipline and direct our heart to follow and seek after the ways of God. Only by keeping our heart focused on Him will we avoid the pain of having our heart broken by the other things in this world.

What are we teaching our children?  In Proverbs 4:1-13, we see a father giving instruction to his son. He teaches him several things he needs to be doing and some things that he should be avoiding. He teaches him about wisdom and how to have and keep wisdom in his life.

Are we sharing what we know with others? Whether it is our own children, or if it is other children or other people that we know, we are to be teachers sharing the things that we have learned through life. What have you experienced that you can teach others so they avoid difficulties? We have all learned so many things through life, how are we sharing those teachings and truths with others? How are we teaching others about Christ through our life?

Wisdom. In Proverbs 3:13-35 we see exactly why we need wisdom. God has wisdom and He used His wisdom to accomplish all that we see. Through wisdom, we can also find our path simpler and full of reward. With wisdom, we can have confidence and peace in what we do, for the verses discuss being able to lie down without all those fears and worries on our minds. We can also know that we should do good to people immediately and not withhold it, waiting on them to earn it. Wisdom gives us many practical actions that we can do throughout the day. How will we used wisdom today?

Do we trust God? Reading through Proverbs 3:1-12, we see lots of instances where trusting in God is required. We are to trust in him with the path that he has us walking down. We are to trust in him with our money. We are to trust in him with everything we are. How can we do this?

Trust is a word that is difficult for many of us to truly understand. We have been let down by so many people so often that we become very skeptical and untrusting of anyone, let alone trying to trust God. Yet here through the first part of this chapter, we see over and over again the importance of placing our faith and trust in God because he is worthy of our trust. That’s the thing with trust. The only way to build it, is to do it. If we will trust God with something small, he will show himself faithful, which makes it easier to trust him the next time with something bigger. And on and on it goes, trusting God more and more every single day. Are we seeking to trust in God? Do we intentionally place our faith and trust in him each day?

Discretion and understanding. Reading Proverbs 2:11-22 we see that these two things are what will help us to stay on the right path. We always have a choice in what we do, but as we’ve seen in these verses, there are evil people who are constantly trying to get us to follow them instead of Christ. We need both discretion and understanding to be able to resist and instead follow the path of righteousness. When we look at our life, would those two words characterize our decisions? If not, we need to come before God and repent and seek His wisdom so we can only move in the way that He would have for us

If…. then. These types of statements can be found throughout the Bible as God shares with us our responsibility for action and obedience. In Proverbs 2:1-10, we see a lengthy listing of an “if…. then” statement. Solomon lists several ways in which we are to show ourselves devoted to God. We are to be seeking after him, desiring to be more like him. Only as we follow through on these things will we find the results of the statement, which is that God will have an answer for us. God indicates that we will be able to discern righteousness and that wisdom will enter our hearts.

For every time that we have had difficulty knowing what we should do or what path to take, we must remember that God knows exactly which path is best for us. God knows exactly which path he has planned for us. All we have to do is to be seeking after him and desiring to know that path and to follow it with all our heart. Are we following the “If” part of the statement? Only as we do that will God fulfill the “Then” part.

There are two types of people calling to us. Reading Proverbs 1:8-33 we see both of them compared side by side. We have those people who are leading us toward evil and we have the one who is leading us toward wisdom. The comparison is very easy to see and the warning is clearly laid out. However, what I had not seen before is the fact that we must choose one or the other. If we do not actively choose wisdom, then we are by default choosing to follow after the evil. There is no middle ground and no “part way” choice. Will we choose to follow wisdom? Will we choose to follow it every single day? If not, we’ll find ourselves in the other group seeking after evil.

Wisdom. How do we get wisdom? What is wisdom? These are questions that have plagued people for Generations. In the Book of Proverbs, we find many answers to address these questions and several others. We’re going to start working our way through the Book of Proverbs, so that we can understand what is wisdom and how can we have wisdom in our lives. Reading Proverbs chapter 1, verses 1 through 7, we see that wisdom is certainly something that lots of people want to have for lots of different reasons.

In verse seven, Solomon writes that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. As we start our journey toward wisdom, having a healthy fear and respect and awe of the Lord, is where our journey begins. Only through understanding who God is and how that impacts our lives, will we be able to understand truly how to be wise. Are we ready to begin this journey? Do we understand and have reverence and respect for the God who created the universe? Without that, we will never be able to find wisdom.