Christian Devotional – May 27, 2017

Greet others with grace. That is how Paul ends Philippians. In chapter 4, verses 21-23, Paul indicates that they should greet each other in Christ Jesus. He explains that the Believers where he is send their greeting. Then he goes on to state that the grace of the Lord Jesus should be with us.

As we encounter other believers, we are to see them as we would see Jesus. We’re to treat them as we would treat Jesus. And in many cases, that means giving them Grace. Seeing the best side of them is part of how Grace can look when we’re around other people. Other people are not perfect. Neither are we. But if we will see each person through the eyes of Jesus Christ, giving them Grace and mercy, we will greet them as we would greet Jesus Christ. How would our relationships with coworkers, with family, with spouses be different if we treated each one of them with the grace God has given us? What difference would that make in our lives today?

Christian Devotional – May 25, 2017

Are we truly thankful? In Philippians 4:10-13 we see Paul expressing his heartfelt thanks for the people of Philippi and all they had provided for him. Paul clarifies that he thanks them, not so that he can get more from them, but so they receive recognition and reward for their sacrifice. Paul explains that he can do this because he has learned the secret to being content in every situation regardless of his material surroundings. His secret? He knows that he can do anything through Jesus Christ who gives him strength.

Any situation that we find ourselves in, any circumstance, we can find the way through because of the strength that we receive from Jesus Christ. As we are obedient to him, he fulfilled his promise and brings us through every situation he places us in. If we are being obedient, we will never find ourselves alone. We will always have exactly what we need to make it through at exactly the right time. Do we trust God for everything? Do we rely on his strength? Only through his strength will we be able to do all the he asks us to do.

Christian Devotional – May 24, 2017

What are we thinking about and what are we doing? Reading Philippians 4:8-9, we see the importance of the things that we are spending our time thinking about. What we think about ultimately becomes what we do. If we are thinking about things that are right, pure, lovely, then the things that we will do will line up with those thoughts we have. If we’re spending our time thinking about things that are mean, stressful, overwhelming, unkind, then those will be the types of actions that we will do. Ultimately, our thoughts dictate our actions.

We must guard our thoughts and guard our minds if we desire to have actions that are pleasing to the Lord. Only through focusing our thoughts on the characteristics of Jesus Christ will we have actions that are in the likeness of Christ as well. What are we thinking about today?

Christian Devotional – May 23, 2017

Yesterday we saw that peace should guard our hearts. Today we learn what should be on our minds. Philippians 4:8-9 discusses what we are to spend our time filling our mind with.

As we look back on our day yesterday, do those words listed in verse 8 describe our thoughts from yesterday? If not, we are to repent and start today differently. How can we do that. Surround ourselves with people and things that are like that. If we are around negative people, we will have negative thoughts. If we listen or watch negative things, we will have negative thoughts. Only by surrounding ourselves with the things of Christ will we be able to think about the things of Christ.

Christian Devotional – May 22, 2017

What guards your heart? In Phillipians 4:4-7 we see an interesting mix of words used together. Rejoice, peace, anxious, Thanksgiving. In verse 7, Paul indicates that the peace of God will guard our hearts in Christ Jesus.

I don’t typically think of Peace as being something that is active like that. Peace generally has a more passive feel to it. We rest in peace. We experience peace. Now that peace actually guards us. Yet, if we read through those verses, we understand that while we are rejoicing in the Lord and we are bringing our anxious thoughts and worries to him, we can experience his peace.

Additionally his peace is what guards our heart and keeps our heart from all the worries and anxieties and troubles and lack of Joy that we could be experiencing if we do not have his peace. We must allow peace to have its role in our heart and guard it from all the other things that try to take its place and rule over our heart. Are we allowing God’s peace to guard our heart today?

Christian Devotional – May 20, 2017

Unity in Christ is so important. Philippians 4:1-3 is where Paul reminds the people of the importance of having a unified mind together in Christ. Paul uses the verses to remind the women of that importance. They have been able to accomplish great things together with him when they were focused on Jesus Christ and him alone.

When that is our sole goal and purpose, we can accomplish exactly what God has for us. When we get distracted and start focusing on other things, that is when we become ineffective in our walk and our service for Christ. How effective are we being? If you don’t feel you’re being very effective, you can be assured that you have lost sight of your Focus. Stay focused on Jesus Christ. Be umited with other believers in Jesus Christ. God will move and we will see amazing things that he does through that.

Christian Devotional – May 13, 2017

Philippians 3, starting in verse 15, goes through the end of the chapter and speaks about our citizenship. Where do we find our home? We are to be a reflection of our home, and Paul wants us to understand that our citizenship is in heaven. If we have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then we no longer belong to this world. We now belong to Heaven and our actions and attitudes should be reflection of our citizenship.

When other people travel abroad, often we can tell where they are from or what part of the world or a country they come from originally. We can see them through their citizenship. The same should be true of us who follow Jesus Christ. It should be obvious and evident to all that we are citizens of Heaven who are striving to be like Jesus Christ. Can others see that we belong to Christ?

Christian Devotional – May 11, 2017

Philippians 3:12-14 explains Paul’s goal. He is completely and totally sold out to seeking Christ. He talks about forgetting what is behind and moving toward what is ahead. As we go through our day today Christian walk, do we forget what is behind us? Many times we don’t forget, we try to push to the side. We push to the side the ideas of success and money and power and all those things that we used to define ourselves in this world. But, we don’t completely forget about them. Every so often then they come up and we go back to them and cling to them instead of recognizing that our goal is ahead of us. Our goal is Jesus Christ and being made in his likeness. What are we pressing on toward? What have we left behind? These are the questions that will Define our day-to-day Walk With Jesus Christ.

Christian Devotional – May 10, 2017

Philippines 3:1-11 shares with us some interesting ideas about Paul’s background. He starts off by telling us to rejoice and the importance of rejoicing and everything. He tells us to rejoice and says that he will tell us that several times. We often need a reminder about rejoicing because when we are going through difficult things we forget that God has called us to rejoice in him.

Then Paul goes on to explain his background, his heritage. He grew up knowing and understanding the rituals of what it took to please God. And he did all of them. Yet he still found himself not meeting God’s expectations. No matter what we try to do on our own and no matter how good we are at trying to do it. We simply cannot live up to what God has for us. God Is Bigger and greater and more holy and more righteous than anything that we can comprehend and as a result, we must respond to his call through Jesus Christ. We simply cannot be what he wants us to be on our own. All the things that we have done to try to earn the love of God and try to earn our righteousness are simply worthless to him. There is nothing that we can do that would be considered righteous to him.

Are we seeking Christ and Christ Alone? Only through him and his righteousness can we come to the place where we know and understand and love God.

Christian Devotional – May 7, 2017

Finishing out Philippines chapter 2, starting in verse 19, Paul goes on to explain how the people around him, he will be sending to Philippi very soon. He mentions two people that will be able to go and bring joy to Paul by ministering in his place. Paul was in jail, yet he is thinking about ways to bring joy to the people. He mentions that Timothy also is more interested in bringing joy to the people than his own comfort.

Do we focus on the needs of others more than our own needs? Are we aware of the need to glorify God, regardless of the personal results?  God is the one who deserves our obedience and is worthy of all glory.