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Book Review – Bristol Boyz Stomp by Doreen McGettigan

Bristol boyz Stomp

The untimely death of someone we love is a horrible thing to face, but when that death comes at the hand of people we know and have been around, that makes it even more difficult to deal with. Doreen McGettigan describes just such a situation as she shares about the death of her brother in “Bristol Boyz Stomp.”

The town of Bristol, Pennsylvania is a relatively small town and Doreen and her family had grown up in and around that area for the majority of their lives. When one night, the unthinkable happens and her brother is beaten to death as he was driving home from band practice, their view of the world is challenged entirely. This book is taken entirely from Doreen’s perspective and she is very honest with her feelings and her perspective throughout this book. I really appreciated that honesty and how she openly admits how she was feeling at the various moments throughout the trial and the sentencing and just the aftermath of finding a way to pick up the pieces and keep going with her life.

This is a very well written book that provides a glimpse into the justice system as well as a look at how a situation like this can captivate and divide a small town where everyone knows both the victim and the perpetrators. While the situation described is horrible, this book was a eye-opener to the aftermath of a situation like this and helped me to see and understand better how far reaching the impact can be. This book is a great read.

To find out more about Doreen, check out her website or the Tate Publishing page.

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