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Book Review – Jana Bibi’s Excellent Fortunes by Betsy Woodman

Jana Bibi's Excellent Fortunes: A Novel

Janet Laird is a widow who has quite an adventurous life. She was born in India has lived the for the majority of her life. As a widow with a grown son living back in Scotland during the 196
0s, she has just received news that she has inherited a house in a small town and she decides that would be an excellent adventure to take up residence there. She arrives with her entertaining parrot Mr. Ganguly to find an interesting array of characters and a house that needs lots of care. She also discovers that this new town that she has just taken residence in is in danger of being destroyed by “progress” in the form of a dam that would find them at the bottom of a lake. Janet, also known as Jana Bibi, works together with her new friends to find new ways to save their town.

This is an interesting array of characters that are very colorful and exactly what I would anticipate finding on a journey to India. The descriptions are very realistic and provide a beautiful picture that the reader can visualize throughout the entire book. The plot does slow down a bit in places, but overall the adventure is fun and exciting. Readers will fall in love with Jana Bibi and Mr. Ganguly.

I appreciate the opportunity to read through this advance copy. Check out Betsy Woodman’s author page at Amazon

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