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Book Review – Missing Andy by Lori A. Moore

Missing Andy

People and relationships make up so much of our lives and often those relationships become “interesting” as our life goes on. Sometimes that can be a good thing and other times it is not. For Lori and Andy, their divorce after many years of marriage resulted in a beautiful friendship that was very close right up to the day that Andy died. Lori has put their and her grieving process together in a touching book entitled “Missing Andy.”

I loved many things about this book. I love that the foreward is written by Lori’s current husband who knew and witnessed Lori’s relationship with Andy. He provides a unique perspective that sets the stage beautifully for this book. Reading about the difficulty of Andy’s death and the subsequent aftermath was touching and Lori writes very openly and candidly about the struggles and healing that she went through.

This is a wonderful book that deals with the issues of grief, even when the relationships aren’t the standard. This book also shows the hope and comfort that Christ brings to a situation and how Lori’s focus on Him helped me through this time. I enjoyed this short book and know that many others will as well.

For more information, visit Tate Publishing’s website or Lori A. Moore’s website

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