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Book Review – Some Happy Day by Elaine Littau

Some Happy Day: Rescued...A Series of Hope (Volume 1)

How do we pick up the pieces when life unravels around us? Author Elaine Littau addresses this question in her historical Christian fiction book “Some Happy Day.” Elaine introduces us to several characters who experience some of the hardships of life, but are able to find a way through them and continue on. Elaine’s book has a strong Christian theme and shares the true love of God and the power of forgiveness. The story is engaging and that makes the book a fast read. This book does have a number of different characters in it, and I was able to follow their individual storylines and keep everyone straight. I love the detail that Elaine puts in her books and how she strives to stay true to the historical context she writes in. Some Happy Day is well worth the read.

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