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Book Review – Tomato Turtle by Thomas Strock

Tomato Turtle

You never know what the next day will hold for Tomato Turtle in Thomas Strock’s Tomato Turtle: A Trip to the Park. Tomato is a happy turtle who discovers that he can learn to play several different ways and that it’s OK to try new things that might be outside the ordinary for a young turtle. He also recognizes the importance of learning and playing the regular turtle game. He learns the need to balance the new things he tries with the old things he’s used to doing.

A beautifully illustrated, colorful book that both my kids (2 and 4) really enjoyed. Great story and fun to read.

To find out more about Tomato Turtle: A Trip to the Park check out Tate Publishing’s bookstore at


  • Poker Gratis

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    (Hello friend. That’s a good idea, I will look for something. But, you can use Google Translate or another similar page.)

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