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Book Review – What Do I Do Now? – by Mary Cole Roberts

What Do I Do Now?

For those who have lost loved ones, the tidal wave of emotions that follow can be overwhelming. Mary Cole Roberts shares her emotional journey in an incredibly heartfelt book of poems, “What Do I Do Now? Poems for Those Left Behind.” Mary was gracious enough to allow me to read through her journey as she recorded it through poetry.

Mary begins by sharing with us the love story between her and her husband Dale. She explains how they met, what their relationship was like, and then the circumstances leading up to his death. The personal glimpse into her life was beautiful and really set the stage for the poems that followed. Mary’s poetry is like a personal diary of how she coped following Dale’s death. The poems were poignant and emotional. I felt that Mary really captured her struggles and her fears and just the difference in day to day life that she went through. I was touched by her honesty and I feel that this book will really help people who are going through this difficult time to be able to find words for the hopes and uncertainties and pain that they are experiencing. This is a beautiful book and I know that everyone will appreciate the hope that is found within the pages.

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